Connecting the people with nanotechnology….

Our company's R&D group is dedicated to the development of innovative products and services. Promoting interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research is the goal. Our R&D efforts to determine the emerging study fields. We support creative approaches to find the solutions to address socioeconomic issues.

Experience Makes Difference: we have 15+ years of experience in development of nanomaterials and chemical composites research. We have guided 15+ master and PhD students. We have national and international collaborations. We have published our results in reputed journals and 4 patents (filed).we published on various fields such as nanocomposites, graphene compounds and supercapaciotrs.

Research Areas:

We initiated three emerging research areas; those are ENERGY, WATER and MEDICINE.

In order to enhance the performance of energy devices, we are developing electrode materials for batteries and supercapacitors as part of our energy research.

We focused on water research to development of photocatalytic nanomaterials and composites to degrade pharma and organic dye pollutants; we work on cost-effective photo catalysts.  We created some preliminary outcomes and have them.

Nanoantibiotics and membranes for wound healing applications, as well as cosmetics, are being developed as part of medical field research.

We expanding our collaborations for the development of new techniques.